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06-05-2023 上映, 200 分鐘, 意大利語(英文字幕)



Giacomo Puccini的歌劇作品引人入勝,特別是著名的詠嘆調‘Nessun dorma’,而導演Andrei Serban的製作承傳了中式傳統戲劇,加入富古代中國奇幻色彩的場景。由意裔指揮家Antonio Pappano 指揮演出,並由Anna Pirozzi擔任杜蘭朵公主一角。

導演: Andrei Serban

演員: Anna Pirozzi, Yonghoon Lee



Opening on 06-05-2023, 200 minutes, Italian(English Subtitles)


In the court of Princess Turandot, suitors who fail to solve her riddles are brutally killed. But when a mysterious Prince answers one correctly, suddenly he holds all the power – and a glorious secret. When life hangs in the balance, can love conquer all?

Puccini’s score is rich in musical marvels (featuring the famous aria ‘Nessun dorma’), while Andrei Serban’s production draws on Chinese theatrical traditions to evoke a colourful fantasy tableau of ancient Peking. Antonio Pappano conducts Anna Pirozzi in the title role and Yonghoon Lee as Calaf.

Director: Andrei Serban

Cast: Anna Pirozzi, Yonghoon Lee

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