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05-08-2023 上映, 205 分鐘, 意大利語(英文字幕)



由Ludovic Tézier及Jamie Barton領銜演出,導演Adele Thomas將威爾第的故事設定於受十五世紀荷蘭畫家Hieronymus Bosch所啟發的中世紀迷信國度,讓舞台更充滿力量。由皇家歌劇院音樂總監Antonio Pappano指揮音樂,包括 遊《遊唱詩人》 中為人熟識的 Anvil一曲。

導演: Adele Thomas

演員: Yusif Eyvazov, Ludovic Tézier



Opening on 05-08-2023, 205 minutes, Italian(English Subtitles)


Passions run high as Manrico and the Count di Luna compete for the affections of Leonora. Little do they know, Manrico’s mother Azucena has been keeping a terrible secret for decades. Soon a curse from the past will rise up from the ashes with devastating implications for them all.

Starring Ludovic Tézier and Jamie Barton, Adele Thomas’s energetic staging sets Verdi’s tale in a Hieronymus Bosch-inspired universe of medieval superstition. Antonio Pappano conducts Verdi’s dramatic score, which features the famous ‘Anvil’ chorus.

Director: Adele Thomas

Cast: Yusif Eyvazov, Ludovic Tézier

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